Calling All Fred Heads: Slow Wine Saturday Night with Fred Scherrer at TBS

Posted on 1st Feb 2010 @ 10:03 PM

Self-effacing “slow wine” genius Fred Scherrer is stopping by Saturday evening for an informal tasting of his “new” releases Saturday evening, and by new, Fred means 2003 Scherrer Vyd Cabernet (Seriously, can you think of any other California producer that is just now releasing their ’03 Cab to restaurants and resellers … on purpose?), the “sneaky” as in the bottles seem to empty themselves without permision 2006 Russian River Valley Pinot, and the 2004 Old and Mature Zinfandel, which Fred describes as “comfort food for the nose.” Knowing Damien (Fred’s Chicago distributor), I wouldn’t be surprised to see a few library wines which highlight how gracefully these wines age, even (and maybe especially the Chardonnay!).

These new releases, which include what Fred considers to be his favorite bottling of Scherrer Vineyard Cabernet to date, all sell less than $50. They represent what I call “secret genius wines” — traditional American artisan wines that offer as much, if not more complexity, personality and limbic titillation as some triple-digit boutique wines while somehow remaining just below the inflationary notice of the wine punditry — a jealously guarded secret kept amongst those in the know.


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