Let there be rock(s): Keller, Guiberteau, Riecine, and Produttori del Barbaresco

Thursday 22, April 2010

Rock Star Tastings Friday and Monday Night

We are blowing the proverbial roof off the joint, not once, but twice in the next few days. Find a way to get here, if only for ten minutes. You. Me. Amy. Damien. Aldo. Transcendental wine bliss state. No proverbial roof. See below. 

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Friday 4/23: Candid Wine Presents Maximum Rocks and Vines

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Friday 5:30 – 7:00pm — Importer/Distributor Damien Casten is presenting new wines from arguably the most bleeding edge, uncompromising, driven young European wine growers/makers on the scene.

Klaus Peter Keller, Rheinhessen. Estate and single-vineyard trocken (dry) Riesling and Pinot Noir, including new Grosses Gewachs (trans. Grand Cru)  Burgel Pinot Noir ’07 and Kirchspiel Riesling ’08. Am I excited? You have no idea! There goes the tax refund. 

Romain Guiberteau, Saumur. Mind-melting estate and single vineyard Chenin and Cab Franc from the Loire. These wines slay me. And I can’t decide what I like better, the whites or the reds. Rarely is a winemaker so tuned in to both. 

Riecine, Chianti Classico (Sean O’Callaghan). Super-pure, etched 100% sangiovese from a Gaiole purist, ’06 Chianti Classico and ’05 Riserva from a winery whose founder famously proclaimed that he would add Cabernet to his Chianti when Baron Philippe de Rothschild plants Sangiovese. Not gonna happen. A sleeper estate, that Matt Kramer ranks as among the top half dozen producers in Chianti. 

This Friday only. Open house from 5:30 – 7:00pm.

I’ve published the complete lineup along with more background on the producers online at: www.thebottleshop.net/news.php?newsid=144

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Monday 4/26: Aldo Vacca from Produttori del Barbaresco

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Monday 5:30 – 7:00pm –– Do you have enough Nebbiolo in your crawl space? I didn’t think so. Stop by Monday night and rectify the situation. Ageworthy Barbaresco priced within reach of normal wine loving people. Check it out: 

Produttori del Barbaresco violates the presumption that wine with pedigree and terroir cannot be produced by a co-operative winery. Not so here, especially under the inspired stewardship of winemaker Aldo Vacca, the Nebbiolo — that’s all they make — from Langhe up through the single-vineyard bottlings are every bit as wonderful and ageworthy as any estate bottled Barbaresco, and, they do that at normal people prices. But, don’t take my word for it. Antonio Galloni had this to say in last October’s Wine Advocate: “The Produttori del Barbaresco have another set of wonderful wines on their hands with these new releases. The Produttori have long made delicious, ageworthy Barbarescos, but in the last few years the overall level of quality and consistency has gone up several notches. Best of all, prices have remained exceedingly fair.” Stop by, say hello to Aldo and taste some righteous Piedmontese Nebbiolo. 

Aldo’s pouring the newly released 2008 Lange Nebbiolo (YOUNG VINE BARBARESCO!!!), which at only $24 a bottle, may be the best Nebbiolo value ever, the 2006 DOCG Barbaresco and two single vineyard 2005 Riservas, Rio Sordo and Moccagatta. Here’s the dance card and more background on the wines: Read More:>>

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