Faury Collines Rhodaniennes VDP Syrah 2007

THIS IS NOT TO BE MISSED CLASSIC NORTHERN RHONE SYRAH THAT SMELLS/TASTES LIKE THE FANCIER STUFF. Sorry about the all caps. This wine is grown ABOVE St. Joseph. Ponder that statement for a second. Don’t let the humble Vin de Pays Syrah “Collines Rhodaniennes” designation throw you off. This is not some lifeless valley floor Crozes -(nothing like) Hermitage. Nope. This is high up there on the craggy granitic slopes Syrah of the kind that only can be made on the precipitous slopes of St. Joseph, Cote-Rotie and Hermitage. This you will realize emphatically and immediately upon smelling it. If you know how rare, wonderful (and expensive) this style of Syrah is, you will appreciate this wine and not want to share it with people who won’t appreciate it. And you will buy as many cases of it as you can afford or justify to your spouse and/or domestic partner. And you will hoard it.  

Clark Terry, Kermit Lynch Wine Merchants guy, writes: “Coming from the plateaus above the St. Joseph appellation, this wine cannot take the St. Joseph name because the vines are planted on a flat surface while St. Joseph only has hillside vineyards. There is also a small percentage of young-vine St. Joseph in the final blend. The “Collines Rhodaniennes” (Rhône Hills) has a medium body on the palate, filled in by spice, pepper, red meat, and iodine notes. This is NOT a huge wine, but a very balanced big wine and should not be missed.”


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