Why Fred?

TONIGHT — Stop by and say hello to Fred. Tough travel forecast, yes, but I happen to know Fred is in town because Damien’s tweets say it’s so. So, yes, Fred will be here for sure rain, snow or shine with lots of open bottles of his ridiculously delicious wines.

If I ignore you tonight it’s because I’m listening intently to Fred talk about winemaking and pondering his every word. I’ve heard a lot of people talk about wine and nobody gets it quite like Fred. And the wines? It’s just not human (although he may be the most humane wine person I know). Some people make very good Pinot Noir. Very few make really really good Pinot Noir and really really good Cabernet and really really good Zinfandel and really really good Chardonnay.

And for that matter, nobody has the cash flow or the brass to release their wines when they are ready to drink. Current release for the Cabernet? 2002! Zin? 2004! C’mon! Look around. Most everyone else is shipping 2007’s.

So yay, Fred, for slowing things down. Yay for doing things the right way. Yay for being more thoughtful than you need to be. Support this guy if slowing things down a bit and making good wine better makes you happy too. I do. Yippie Ki-Yay, Fred. See you tonight.


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