Billiot Rosé for my baby's momma and all the babies' mommas

H Billiot Brut Rosé and Soma 4one5 in repose

Tuesday just got a lot Saturdayier

It’s Tuesday night and we just found out our baby has the right number of chromosomes and no prehensile tail. For that and other reasons, which I’ll go into below, I’m opening the bottle of ice cold Billiot that I left in my trunk last night ’cause I couldn’t bring myself to pay $20 corkage last night and I’m glad I didn’t but that’s another story. Come to think of it the last time I had Billiot was on Mother’s day last year. I believe it was the last bottle of Theise grower champagne at Red & White.

Normally, I wouldn’t spend $60 on a Tuesday night, but Billiot can make a weekday night feel weekendy in a way that a ten dollar bottle of bulk juice California Cab with a critter on the label cannot. In fact, ten dollar supermarket wine makes any day feel profoundly weekdayish.

On a related note, no sooner had I successfully updated our internet shopping cart than I managed to botch the whole thing playing around with all the new sexy templates. Stupid boy. Hang in there. We will be back and better as soon as I can figure out what the fuck I did.


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